Anello Large Backpack AT-B0193A

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Popular No. 1 product in anello. When opening the fastener of the opening, it got stuck! Popular opening backpack with. We use polyester canvas of light fabric, even though it is lightweight but A4 size storable and large capacity! t is functional with the back directly connected fastener that can be put in and out with one hand even with it carried on the back. 

Material: Polyester 
Weight: Approx 610g 
Capacity: Approx 15L 

size side Vertical Machi
F 27 cm 40 cm 17 cm

※ Estimated size: A4 size possibility 
possession possession length: 31cm 
shoulder string length : 40 ~ 82cm 

[pocket number] 
main mouth × 1 
inside pocket × 2 
outside pocket × 3 
direct coupled fastener × 1 

sex: unisex Opening Main: Fastener